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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Grammy Makeup

Like most of the world, I tuned in Sunday night to watch the 2014 Grammy Awards hosted by my favorite, LL Cool J. 

I feel like the show this year was AWESOME. And it kept getting better as it went on. From the red carpet to the final performance, I kept watching. 

Everyone gracing the red carpet looked fabulous. Here are a few of my picks for BEST MAKEUP. 


Taylor typically goes with a very well done cat eye and red lip or, a white/ silver inner corner with a nude or pink lip. Both of which I think suit her. I love this simple look on her here. Her pink pout is perfectly done and the silver inner corner really opens her face. The blue/grey shadow worked great with her eye color, really making them pop, and I think overall complemented the beautiful dress she was wearing. She looks very put together and mature, even with a simple loose pony. 


Paris looked absolutely gorgeous, as always. Sometimes Paris can seem to have a "lazy eye" but I really think its just the placement of her shadow, liner and lashes. This photo shows perfect placement of all, keeping her cheeks glowing and the center of her face bright and open. Her look was created by the fabulous Etienne Ortega, who I love. He often works with Lilly Ghalichi who always looks amazing. Paris' look here is simply enhancing her natural beauty. 


Beyonce can always rock the red lip and look stunning. I really like the smokey eye although, I think it could have been slightly more enhanced with some lashes, which she never wears. Everything here works. I probably would have groomed her brows slightly more. 


This chick. Her face looked as if she just stepped of a fall runway. AND I LOVE IT. There's something super dark and high fashion about this. Bravo. I'm loving how her lips and cheeks are the stars, with minimal liner on her lower lash line. I feel like this could be her everyday look.  


Madge is Madge. She's hit or miss and is for sure aging with grace. The first photo here looks like she recently had some work done on her face, right? Maybe a lift? I think so. That's really why I decided to include on her my list. Madonna's best when she rocks a red lip and a dark liner, a la the 80's (minus the bushy brows). PS, Madonna totally has the best eye shape. 

I loves all the different looks of the red carpet this year. Everyone looked great. Oh award season, how I love you. 

Leave some comments and let me know who you thought rocked the fiercest face this year!

Stay fab dolls,