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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Philadelphia 76er's Dream Team Dancers

Recently, I've been working with the Philadelphia 76er's Dream Team Dancers as their game day Makeup Artist. How fun, right?! 

I also worked with the girls for their trading card shoot. You can find the images on the Dancers website linked above.  

While I do the makeup in one room, 3 stylists from Salon L'Etoile & Spa provide the hair services in another. The the girl's hair on the website was also created by the fabulous stylists at L'Etoile. You can call 215-483-2500 for an appointment. I work with the team at the Manayunk location. 

Our call time is usually 2.5 Hours before game time. 

I arrive at the press entrance and receive my badge. The security guard at the door checks and tags my bags. Someone then walks me to the girls dressing rooms. 

I set up my station on one end of the room and then begin. There are girls ready for makeup when I arrive, and more stagger in while I'm working.

I work quickly, giving each girl about 10-15 minutes, mainly focusing on the eyes and lips. I finish up with some powder and blush. Most of the girls come foundation ready, which allows for me to work a lot faster. Some girls come back for touch ups prior to hitting the court. 

Usually about a half hour before the game starts, the dancers are ready and leave the dressing room. That's when I gather my things and clean up my area. 

It's really exciting working in such a fast paced environment. I work, work, work, then I'm done.

I'm currently getting ready to work with the dancers this (black) Friday. I'll post some game ready pictures if I get the chance! 

Stay Fabulous! 


Hello Winter

Hey everyone!! 

I've been slacking on updates recently. Since our South Africa trip, I haven't posted anything. I'M SO SORRY!! I know you all just DIE for my tips, tricks, reviews, pictures and random nonsense that I think is fabulous! 

There's really no purpose to this post other than keeping my blog alive. So here are some random thoughts... 

Did you guys watch that AMA's last night? I love red carpet fashion. Taylor Swift and Nicole Richie won best dressed, in my opinion. 

I don't know where you're reading from but, I live in Philadelphia and today the temperature dipped to a seriously cold 20 degrees fahrenheit. YIKES! Apparently it was a record low, only beating out 21 degrees recorded sometime in the 60's. If the wind didn't blast you in the face every corner you turned, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Eh. I swear I'll live in Florida eventually. 

Oh! Red lipstick. It's been my not so new thing for the past few months now. Like, I need to wear it every day, even with sweat pants. I used to do a red lip when I went out or if I had simple makeup on, like just a clean, black cat eye. Otherwise usually wearing a nude, pinkish lip. But I've been channeling my inner grandmom and wearing a true, retro, blue based red lipstick every single day for months now. And I love it. I feel like I'm not complete unless I have a lipstick on and I feel like a true red complements me best. Muah* 

...So I bought this leather dress the other day for a party I was running late to. I bought the dress, didn't try it on, cut off the tag and packed it my bag and headed out. I never actually wore the dress that night. The next day while unpacking, I decided to try it on. WOMP WOMP. It's too big. UGH. This dress is super hot. Tight fit, mid length, V'd back and long sleeves. DIE. Well, I have the receipt but sadly the tag was thrown away on trash day. The receipt clearly states that returns will not be accepted without tag and receipt. I guess I'll be putting it up on ebay sometime soon. Maybe I'll write a follow up with the link. Look for it. 

Know what I'm totally craving? A nude pair of pointy toed slingback pumps. I've been dreaming about them for like a week now. I need to go find a pair to wear with EVERYTHING.

...I plan on posting some Africa pictures soon so stay tuned :)